Monday, May 02, 2005

Feminism Quotes

Men are taught to apologize for their weaknesses, women for their strengths.  ~Lois WyseNo woman is required to build the world by destroying herself.  ~Rabbi Sofer I became a feminist as an alternative to becoming a masochist.  ~Sally Kempton, attributedIt was we, the people; not we, the white male citizens; nor yet we, the male citizens; but we, the whole people, who formed the Union.... Men, their rights and nothing more; women, their rights and nothing less.  ~Susan B. AnthonyOne of the things about equality is not just that you be treated equally to a man, but that you treat yourself equally to the way you treat a man.  ~Marlo ThomasI ask no favors for my sex.... All I ask of our brethren is that they will take their feet from off our necks.  ~Sarah Moore GrimkéI am working for the time when unqualified blacks, browns, and women join the unqualified men in running our government.  ~Cissy FarentholdI do not wish them to have power over men, but over themselves.  ~Mary WollstonecraftThere are very few jobs that actually require a penis or vagina.  All other jobs should be open to everybody.  ~Florynce Kennedy The test for whether or not you can hold a job should not be the arrangement of your chromosomes.  ~Bella Abzug Instead of getting hard ourselves and trying to compete, women should try and give their best qualities to men - bring them softness, teach them how to cry.  ~Joan Baez, "Sexism Seen but not Heard," Los Angeles Times, 1974 I've yet to be on a campus where most women weren't worrying about some aspect of combining marriage, children, and a career.  I've yet to find one where many men were worrying about the same thing.  ~Gloria Steinem Most women are one man away from welfare.  ~Gloria Steinem I refuse to believe that trading recipes is silly.  Tunafish casserole is at least as real as corporate stock.  ~Barbara Grizzuti Harrison Feminism directly confronts the idea that one person or set of people [has] the right to impose definitions of reality on others.  ~Liz Stanley and Sue Wise I asked a Burmese why women, after centuries of following their men, now walk ahead.  He said there were many unexploded land mines since the war.  ~Robert Mueller Resolved, that the women of this nation in 1876, have greater cause for discontent, rebellion and revolution than the men of 1776.  ~Susan B. Anthony A man has every season while a woman only has the right to spring.  ~Jane FondaA woman reading Playboy feels a little like a Jew reading a Nazi manual.  ~Gloria Steinem How good does a female athlete have to be before we just call her an athlete?  ~Author Unknown I've left Bethlehem, and I feel free.  I've left the girl I was supposed to be, and some day I'll be born.  ~Paula Cole, "Tiger," This Fire The world has never yet seen a truly great and virtuous nation because in the degradation of woman the very fountains of life are poisoned at their source.  ~Lucretia Mott It matters more what's in a woman's face than what's on it.  ~Claudette Colbert, quoted in Kindling the Spirit by Lois P. Frankel To tell a woman everything she may not do is to tell her what she can do.  ~Spanish Proverb Women are not inherently passive or peaceful.  We're not inherently anything but human.  ~Robin Morgan Men will often admit other


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